Trailer Inns RV Park of Bellevue


Our RV park accepts manufactured RV’s only.  (No destination trailers/park models, tiny  homes, conversions or tents)


2 registered adults ( 18+ years of age), 2 registered children (3 – 17 years of age) ,  2 pets (dog/cat) Additional fees will apply for additional adults or children.  Maximum of 6 persons and 2 pets per site.

Site Types (full hookups)

Site Sizes

Overnight Rate

Small Back-In

Up to 25ft x 10ft

$48.00 + taxes

Small Pull-Thru

Up to 35ft x 10ft 

$48.00 + taxes

Regular Back-In

Up to 30ft x 20ft

$51.00 + taxes

Medium Back-in

Up to 30ft x 22ft

$51.00 + taxes

Large Back-In

Up to 34ft x 22ft

$55.00 + taxes

30 amp Pull-Thru

Up to 60ft x 20ft

$65.00 + taxes

50 amp Pull-Thru

Up to 60ft x 22ft 

$74.00 + taxes

Additional Adult Fee (18+ years old)

$ 10.00 each p/night +  taxes

$ 70.00 each p/ week + taxes

Additional Child Fee (17-3 years old)

$ 6.00 each p/night + taxes

$ 42.00 each p/ week + taxes


Taxes & Fees

Sales Tax Rate: 14.5% (10.1% city sales tax + 4.4% state hotel/motel tax)

New City of Bellevue Tourism Promotion Area (TPA) Fee: $2.50/night per site*

Rates are subject to change without notice.

We cannot guarantee individual sites. We do reserve the right to change sites at any time without notice. However, we will try our best to accommodate our customers/guests.

Due to limited turning radius’ within the park, we do not accept boats, car trailers, or cargo trailers. We also have a maximum RV length and detachable tow vehicle length that we can accommodate in our sites, which is:

  • MAX RV LENGTH = 45 feet (tip-to-tip) 
  • MAX DETACHABLE TOW VEHICLE LENGTH (Car, Suv, Truck) = 24 feet
  • 10% MILITARY USA (Active, Veteran, Retired)
  • 10% HOSPITAL STAY (registered guests' hospital stay during treatments, etc.)
  • CARD ONLY (Visa, Amex, Master Card, Discover)
EXTENDED STAY (month-to-month stay):
  • To inquire about our Extended Stay site rates, please call our office at 425-747-9181 or submit a reservation request form via the "reservation" tab so that we can provide a detailed rate quote. 
  • RV's must be 10 years or newer and in excellent like-new condition to 
  • Minimum 3 month stay is required

*Effective January 1, 2024

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